Nashville Drug Possession Laws

Nashville drug crime attorneyDrug possession can be a serious charge depending on the type and quantity of the drug involved. Don’t leave your defense to chance, contact an experienced Nashville criminal defense attorney as soon as you can so you understand the law and your options for a defense.

Simple drug possession charges carry less severe penalties then if a defendant is suspected of intent to sell that drug. As an attorney at your Nashville criminal defense law firm can explain, possession of drugs with no medicinal value can open the door to more severe penalties. Drugs with at least some medicinal value will carry a lesser penalty for a possession conviction. Let your attorney review the charges against you and explain the classification of the specific drug you were allegedly caught with. The sooner you talk to a lawyer, the stronger your defense may be as your attorney can take a close look at the evidence against you and how it was collected. Your lawyer can’t guarantee a successful defense, but you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

What an Attorney Looks for When Building a Defense

Your attorney will carefully scrutinize the evidence against you and how it was collected. If the police lacked probable cause to arrest you, it’s possible that anything you told them or any evidence they collected incident to that arrest could be thrown out. Likewise, if the police did not have a warrant when one was required or if they exceeded the scope of an existing warrant, then you could have the basis for a strong defense. The attorneys at your Nashville criminal defense law firm will also look at the evidence itself to determine whether the prosecution can meet their burden of proof. If not, you could have leverage for a defense.The sooner you speak to a skilled Nashville criminal defense attorney about any charges you face, the greater your options for dealing with them will be.

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