“An issue came up with me that involved criminal matter. Counter panic: thought I was going to get me a quick fix and I ran out and hired an attorney that the public thought was a very welcoming choice, that kind of swayed me into running to this attorney and not keeping in touch with Brent. I thought I could make a quick deal through this attorney, but however that quick deal turned out to be a courtroom battle and it was a battle that this attorney just didn’t want to get into. It was a little more complicated than he expected. It was kind of like a pit bull fight and one of the pit bulls just couldn’t come to the arena. So, I hired Brent. Looked him up, hired him, told him about my situation. Let me say this, and this is true honesty, this is uncooked. Brent came right in and within a week time, everything changed, favorably in my behalf. So may I add, big mistake hiring other representation. This is my guy. Probably if I ever, anywhere, family, friends, protege, no matter who. If they ever asked me for someone to recommend as an advocate for them, he would be the one. I mean, without even a second guess he would be the one priority. So that’s my take on that.”

Not all clients have provided testimonials, the results are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the lawyer in all cases, and a prospective client’s individual facts and circumstances may differ from the matter in which the testimonials are provided. All cases and the results obtained in all cases are heavily fact dependent.


Hey Brent, its Garrett. i never got a chance to tell you thank you. so thank you for everything and for believing in me. we had a long battle your the best damn attorney I’ve ever seen fight. ”my client my fight” is absolutely your motto that is well earned and well fought for. Brent thank you seriously for everything we all need more freedom fighters like you.. sincerely Garrett.

T.C. 2

“It was a pleasant, open and honest experience with the attorney, paralegal and office staff.”


“Brent helped my husband out on a pretty difficult and lengthy court battle that we’ve been dealing with over a year now. He was very urgent to get to the point and help us settle the case to our likings. He’s very knowledgeable and gets down to business! Highly recommended!”


“Out of all the attorneys I contacted telling them about my case, Mr. Horst was the only that sincerely said ‘Hey it’s going to be alright.’ With what I was going through, those words gave me comfort alone. He fought hard for me, he gave great advice and was very honest. He even payed a portion of my court fees I couldn’t afford and told me not to worry about paying him back. He helped me so much, not even sure he knows how much. I would recommend him to anyone.”


“I am so very grateful to Brent for all the knowledge, hard work, and dedication he applied to my case. I have developed a profound respect for Brent and like him as a person. I know now that it was a stroke of good fortune that I found him through this modern marvel called the internet. Reading all the treatises and other information he had posted there persuaded me that he was the right person for my case. Throughout my ordeal I had unfailing confidence in his ability as a man and as an attorney to defend my innocence in court, and the resulted was an outcome as near perfect as possible to a jury’s not guilty verdict.”

J.D. 2

“I feel blessed to have you in my corner! Thank you for all you have done . . .”


“Dear Brent,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for what you did for my family. You will never know how much I am indebted to you. Words can not express the appreciation I feel and thank you does not seem to be enough but please know that I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“I am very grateful for your efforts to help my son . . . you don’t know how much you have helped me . . . , just to know that you are on the case relieves a lot of stress from me.”

S.D. 2

“You worked as hard as you could and made sure that I got the outcome in this case that I wanted. You listened to me and did your best. I would recommend you to anyone with great confidence that you will do the same for them.”


“Mr. Horst, when I needed a lawyer I spoke with my father who is an attorney. He told me you were a great trial lawyer. Having seen how you handled my case, I now know why he said that. Thank you for all you have done.”


“I was faced with two serious criminal offenses that could have landed me in prison for twenty four years, and what was even worse; the police department had accused the wrong person. Mr. Horst gave me confidence by being understanding, and working hard and by going the extra mile and by obtaining acquittals in both trials. Thanks Attorney Horst, you saved my life.”


“When I was arrested I knew that it was a set up by the police and that they had illegally targeted me to stop my vehicle. Not only did you believe in me but you tore those cops apart in court. Thanks for getting my case dismissed.”


“Brent, Thank you so much for helping me with my case. I thought I was in SO much trouble but you took care of everything and were just awesome in court! Thanks for not only doing your job well but thanks for also caring about what happened to me. I am truly grateful.”


“I hired the law office of Brent Horst to represent me in a case that I knew would be a difficult one at best. I was very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism that was displayed by Brent during the entire process. When it was necessary to meet to discuss my case, he was willing to accommodate my schedule. He was also there for me to personally take my phone calls or promptly returned any messages that I left for him. Brent went far beyond what I would have expected to keep me updated on the details of my case. On the morning of my trial date, I wasn’t very optimistic in the justice system, because I knew it would be difficult to persuade 12 jurors and prevail. However, Brent was awesome in the courtroom and handled very smoothly every aspect of the case. Needless to say that we came out victorious and won the case! Thank you, Brent!”


“When I met Brent Horst I knew from the beginning that this would be the person I would choose to defend me. Mr. Horst fully listened to my situation and stated that although it looked next to impossible to win the case that we would fight it. By fighting the case Mr. Horst helped me to receive a much more favorable decision than if I would have just plead guilty. He helped me to obtain hope for my future.”


“My story is unbelievable . . .at least to me. I looked up one day, at work, and was arrested for this unspeakable act. My family and I looked up Brent . . . That was the best move we ever made. Brent took my case, and importantly, believed in me. He is incredibly effective in and out of the courtroom. He was a true Godsend for my family and me.”


“My situation is one of every step-father’s worst nightmares. In reality, one phone call from DCS can change your life, but I never thought I would be on the receiving end. In an instant, I was faced with defending my life against appalling false allegations and proving my innocence to everyone that I know and that I do not know. As the child that I had raised as my own turned against me and the life that I lived I felt was over, I began to research attorney’s willing and highly qualified to fight DCS and a small town police department. Brent came highly recommended through the attorney’s at work and his references gave glowing reviews. I made the decision to place my life in his hands. He was faced with many obstacles put into place by the state, even though I was never formally charged with a crime, he persevered and came out victorious in civil court . Brent is an exceptional man and attorney, and I am thankful everyday that I had him on my side. For what Mr. Brent Horst did for me and him being on my side, Brent gave me my life back and in comparison there was no price that was too great. Brent, “Thank you for everything”.”


“Brent, your expertise and guidance were quite reassuring. Thank you for your compassion.”


“I have had many bad experiences with attorneys, so after I was accused of the worst kind of crime imaginable, I started searching for an attorney I could trust. I had never heard of Mr. Horst before I found him on the internet. After I called him and told him my situation, I felt like he was the one to clear my name and get to the truth. I had my whole life turned upside down. I not only needed a great lawyer but I felt I had to have a lawyer who believed I was innocent. I got both with Mr. Horst. I KNOW HE HAD OTHER CASES BESIDES MINE BUT HE MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS HIS ONLY CASE. Brent, thank you so much for everything you did for me. You got my life back!”


“Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have taken my case that appeared hopeless and gave me back hope . . . I know I am in capable hands. My decision to hire you has to be the best decision I have ever made. Thank you.”

P. G.

“You are an honest man, . . . a good attorney, I chose you when I was desperate . . . you gave me hope against the lies and corruption . . . you are our champion for truth and justice.”


“[Mr. Horst] is highly efficient and a man of his word. He is proficient in every aspect of the law and puts a lot of time and effort in working for his client. R.W.”


“Thank you for your calm, cool, steady professionalism in representing my son. We can finally breathe again.”


“This was truly a miracle from my perspective . . . I felt a divine presence in that court room, and it was holding me up. I don’t know how difficult your cases usually are, but it seemed to me that this was a difficult one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a great job protecting me.”

K. A.

“Brent, Words cannot express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your hard work on my case. You are and awesome attorney! I just wanted to say great job and many thanks!”


“[The Court Clerk] said that I must have a really good attorney, because she knows of people that went to jail for far lesser crimes, so you made quite an impression.”


“Brent, Words can never completely express my gratitude for what you have done for my brother and my family . . . I have never lost faith in YOU or my bother through the whole ordeal. Your belief in him was very obvious from day one from my initial phone call to you and then your first meeting with him. It has been a long hard journey for everyone . . . the daily challenge of keeping him and my family positive especially placing their trust in someone I found on the internet. They were referred to someone else initially but my heart told me to insist he use you. It was the best decision ever made. I believe you saved his life . . . Two words can describe it.. YOU ROCK! You will always remain in our hearts and prayers. Thank you will never be enough.”


“Brent, The Word thank you is not enough. You believed in me and fought for me and got my life back.”


“Brent Horst has been a true blessing for our family in a time of confusion and emotional upheaval. Our son needed the best counsel we could find to defend him against false allegations. Brent has proven to be a strong, confident and truly knowledgeable attorney. He handles himself with ease in the courtroom and exhibits a cool and calculating demeanor when dealing with a challenging situation. I likened him to a modern day “Clarence Darrow” type after watching him in action defending our son. He is a no nonsense, deliberate, honest and strong presence to have on your side. Having him represent our son made all of us feel we had chosen the best attorney. Each time we have been to court, there has been a favorable outcome, he has been able to methodically turn the tables in our son’s favor. I am confident Brent will win the day for our son and our whole family. Thanks Brent, for everything.”


“Mr. Horst was a GOD send to my siblings and myself . . . Our brother was brought up on severe charges and was facing life in prison. Not knowing what to do I took it upon myself to research and find an attorney that had the capabilities to defeat those charges. Brent is extremely knowledgeable, professional, cunning and fair. I had never seen anything of this kind in my life, except for on T.V. It was like watching an episode of Perry Mason and Matlock all rolled into one. By the time he was finished with the prosecuting attorney he didn’t know what hit him . . . “