Case Results

Not all results are provided, the results are not necessarily representative of all results obtained by the lawyer in all cases, and a prospective client’s individual facts and circumstances may differ from the matter in which the results are provided. All cases and the results obtained in all cases are heavily fact dependent.

Assault, Robbery, Homicide

Charge: Second Degree Murder
Facing: 15-25 years prison mandatory term
Result: Negotiated Plea to Reckless Homicide with 4 years of diversion.  Meaning after 4 years of probation the case will be dismissed and expunged and client will serve no jail time and have no criminal record.

Charge: Aggravated Child Abuse
Facing: 8-12 years at 100% no probation no parole.
Result: After jury trial client convicted of misdemeanor child abuse maximum sentence is one year and will likely receive probation.

Charge: Domestic Assault
Facing: 1 year, loss of right to own / possess a firearm
Result: Dismissed prior to trial

Charge: Assault
Result: Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial

Charge: Murder, first degree
Facing: life in prison
Result: Negotiated Plea to Voluntary manslaughter, three years jail, 2 years probation.

Charge: Agg Robbery
facing: 30 years
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial

Charge: Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault.
facing: 12 years.
Result: Dismissed after preliminary hearing.

Charge: 2 counts assault against police officer.
facing: two years jail.
Result: Not guilty after trial.

Drug Offenses

Offense: Possession of GHB for resale.
Facing: 2 – 4 years
Result: Case dismissed. After reviewing the evidence and presenting the prosecutor with inconsistent statements the arresting officer made about some material facts the prosecutor decided to dismiss the case.

Charge: Sale of Marijuana.
Facing: 2 years, loss of civil liberties
Result: Reduced to simple possession and probation, after probation case may be
dismissed and expunged

Charge: Conspiracy to sell 300 pounds or more of Marijuana
Facing: 15-25 years, not eligible for probation
Result: Granted diversion, no jail, no conviction, case dismissed.

Charge: Two counts obtaining controlled substance by fraud
Result: Diversion. No jail. No conviction.

Charge: Felony Possession of Marijuana for Resale in Drug Free Zone.
Facing: 3-6 years state prison at 100%
Result: Charge reduced to misdemeanor simple possession, 1 years probation.

Charge: Sale of Cocaine, possession firearms during felony.
facing: up to 33 years state prison.
Result: 8 months county jail, followed by probation.

Charge: Manufacture of Marijuana
facing: up to 4 years state prison.
Result: Post trial diversion, probation, record to be expunged.

Charge: Possession for resale of Meth.
facing: up to 15 years state prison.
Result: Charges reduced to simple possession, received probation, record to be expunged.

Charge: Prescription Drug Fraud.
facing: up to 14 years state prison.
Result: 6 years probation.

Charge: Possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.
Result: Charges dismissed

Charge: Possession of Cocaine for resale, felon in possession, theft.
facing: 22 years.
Result: Before trial state wanted prison, after trial and hung jury state agreed to probation.

Charge: Possession Marijuana for resale / felony.
facing: two years prison.
Result: Reduced to misdemeanor possession with 6months probation.

Charge: Possession of cocaine for resale.
facing: six years prison.
Result: Dismissed by State after Defense negotiation.

Charge: Felony Drug Prescription Fraud.
Result: Not Guilty Verdict


Charge: DUI .09 breath test.
Result: case dismissed.

Charge: DUI, .13 B.A.C.
Result: Negotiated plea to Reckless Driving

Charge: DUI first offense with accident.
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial.

Charge: DUI, 4th offense felony, with accident.
facing: 2 years prison, five years loss of license.
Result: DUI dismissed upon plea to refusing breath test, no jail, license suspended for one year, restricted license for work granted.

Charge: DUI refusal of breath test
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial

Charge: DUI, breath test result .16
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial

Charge: DUI
Result: Dismissed by court after defense motion to suppress illegal stop.

Charge: DUI
Result: Dismissed by judge after motion by Defense.

Charge: DUI
Result: Dismissed by judge after preliminary hearing after faulty identification by officer of defendant.

Charge: DUI, refusal.
Result: Reduced to reckless driving by the State after defense motion to suppress Client’s refusal of breath test.

Property Offenses

Charge: Vandalism
Facing: 1 year
Result: Dismissed prior to trial

Charge: Burglary
facing: 15 years
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial

Sex Offenses

Charge: Rape, Aggravated Sexual Battery
Facing: 85 years in prison no parole
Result: Not guilty verdict all counts

Charge: Rape
Facing: 8-12 years prison, and Sex Offender Registry for life
Result: Case reduced to simple Assault, probation, case then dismissed and expunged

Charges: Multiple counts of rape of a child
Facing: over 75 years in prison
Result: Case Retired, which means there will be no further court proceedings and after a period of time the case will be dismissed with no conviction, and the case will be expunged.

Charges: Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Rape, 5 counts of Aggravated Sexual Battery
Facing: up to 110 years of prison, and a minimum mandatory prison sentence of 25 years.
Result: Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial.

Charge: 11 Counts of Aggravated Sexual Battery / Sexual Battery by Authority Figure
Facing: Possibility of over 24 years of prison at 100% no probation no parole. Sex Offender Registry for Life, and Life time Parole
Result: At Jury Trial: 4 counts not guilty, 2 counts dismissed, 7 counts reduced by the jury to misdemeanor simple assault. Client will likely receive probation.

Charge: Aggravated Sexual Battery (alleged taped confession).
Facing: 8-12 years prison mandatory 100%, sex offender registration for life, life time supervision.
Result: Not Guilty on aggravated sexual battery charge, guilty of lesser offense of child abuse, no prison, no sex offender registration.

Charge: 2 counts Aggravated Sexual Battery
facing: minimum of 8 years at 100 percent, sex offender registry for life.
Result: On day of trial State amended charge to Aggravated Assault.
Client given six years probation, no sex offender registry.

Charge: Sexual Battery
Result: State dismissed the charges after reviewing evidence presented by the defense.

Charge: Rape, (State alleged Client signed a confession)
facing: minimum mandatory 25 years, no parole
Result: Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial

Charge: Sex Offender Registration Monitoring-failure to register.
facing: up to two years.
Result: After trial, Not Guilty Verdict.

Charge: 3 counts of rape, one count of sexual battery.
facing: 15 years mandatory.
Result: Charges reduced, 10 years probation.

Charge: Client investigated for exploitation of a minor, pornography.
facing: 8 years mandatory state prison if charged and convicted.
Result: After defense investigation State decided not to bring charges.

Charge: 7 counts of receipt of child pornography, 1 count of possession.
facing: 5 years minimum mandatory Federal prison and up to 30 years.
Result: 7 counts of receipt of child pornography dismissed. No mandatory prison.

Charge: Aggravated Sexual Battery.
facing: 15 years at 100%.
Result: Charges dismissed by the State before trial, after the defense investigation.

Charge: Statutory Rape, Solicitation of a minor, Causal Exchange of drugs to minor, contributing to delinquency of minor.
facing: 20 years.
Result: Statutory Rape, Solicitation of a minor, and Contributing charges all dismissed, client received time served and probation on Drug charge

Charges: 2 counts aggravated statutory rape, 3 counts providing alcohol to minor, 1 count false report.
facing: 13 years and sex offender registry.
Result: Aggravated statutory rape counts dismissed, client given two years probation on alcohol charge and on false report charge.

Charge: 4 counts aggravated sexual battery
facing: 48 years in prison at 100%
Result: After first trial with hung jury 9 in favor of acquittal State dismissed all charges.

Charge: 3 counts rape of a child
facing: 75 years in prison at 100%
Result: Charges reduced, client received probation and no jail.

Charge: Rape
facing: 12 years.
Result: Dismissed by judge after preliminary hearing after cross examination showed accuser was not credible.

Charge: Child Rape.
facing: 15 years
Result: No arrest, or indictment, State declined to file charges after investigation by Defense demonstrated that accuser was not credible.

Charge: Sex offender registration / restriction violation.
Result: Injunction obtained against statute targeting sex offender.

Charge: Statutory Rape
facing: two years prison and sex offender registration.
Result: Prior to trial state wanted client to be forced to register as sex offender. After trial Client given probation, and NOT required to register as sex offender.

Charge: Rape of a child. Client facing: 25 years at 100%.
Result: Not Guilty after jury trial.

Charges: Child Abuse Petition for removal of custody for accusation of Child Rape
facing: loss of custody, 15 years at 100%
Result: Case dismissed after adjudicatory hearing, no criminal charges filed.

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