Drug Sale Law in Tennessee

Close up of a brown gavel Tennessee Criminal AttorneyAs a Nashville criminal attorney can explain Tennessee aggressively prosecutes drug sale cases. The severity of the charge and penalty associated with it depends on the type of substance involved as well as the quantity.

The Significance of the Type and Amount of the Drug Found

Delivering a controlled substance with the intent to sell it is a crime in the state of Tennessee. The larger quantity of a drug and the higher it appears on the schedule of controlled substances, the more severe the charge and potential penalty a defendant may face. As your criminal lawyer in Nashville can explain, Schedule I substances are those that are highly addictive with no medical value. Heroine is a classic example. A well known Schedule II drug is cocaine. A charge of intent to sell a Schedule II drug can be considered a Class C felony with a potential sentence of 3 or more years. However, if the quantity of the Class C drug exceeds half a gram, this can bump the charge up to a Class B felony with even greater potential jail time for a conviction. Let your attorney carefully review the charges and evidence against you give you a sense of what you may face and how to build a defense strategy.

Factors an Attorney Considers in Helping to Build a Defense Strategy

The earlier you contact a criminal lawyer in Nashville, the more options you may have in terms of a defense strategy. Your attorney knows the constitutional rights a criminal defendant is afforded and what requirements law enforcement must follow in questioning a suspect and collecting other evidence. Before you say or do something that could later hurt your case, make sure you discuss the matter with your attorney. While no lawyer can promise a dismissal or attractive plea bargain, it’s critical that you seek qualified counsel so that you know your options.

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