Sexual Offender Registry Basic Facts

sex crimes attorney in NashvilleCriminal defendants convicted of certain crimes in Tennessee may face classification as a sexual offender. A skilled sex crimes attorney in Nashville can explain what circumstances would require an individual to register as a sex offender and explore any possibility of requesting removal.

Sex Offender Crimes

Sex related crimes carry the added consequence of labeling a defendant as a sex offender if convicted. As a sex crimes attorney in Nashville can counsel, these crimes are generally those involving some type of sexual act such as sexual assault, incest, rape, sex with a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor, human trafficking or child pornography. Both state and federal law can impose penalties for the underlying conduct.

Registry Requirements

When a person is convicted of one of the statutory sex crimes, he or she may be required to report under the Sexual Offender Registry. As a sex crimes attorney in Nashville can explain, this generally means that the convict must report to local law enforcement such information as their name and address. In most cases, once the sexual offender is listed in the registry, they remain their for life. This listing will of course show up in background checks and can negatively impact the individual’s chances of securing employment, certain benefits or even housing. Therefore, if you’re charged with a sex crime, it’s critical to speak to an attorney before pleading guilty to anything or appearing in court.

Requests for Removal

In some cases, an individual can request removal from the registry if certain qualifying conditions are met. Your attorney can explain more, but these circumstances are generally for those who were convicted as a juvenile or where there is a small age difference between the perpetrator and the victim if they were both minors.

Let a sex crimes lawyer in Nashville discuss your charges with you and help you understand whether you face risk of a sexual offender registry crime. Additionally, a skilled attorney can discuss your options for removal from the registry if you qualify. To make an appointment with Horst Law, call .