Basic Facts about Sexual Offender Registration

sexual offender registrationTennessee requires sex offenders to register with the Sex Offender Registry. If you or a loved one has been convicted of a sexual offense, it’s critical that you understand what’s required and the consequences of failing to comply. Discuss your case with an experienced Nashville sex crimes attorney to get all the facts.

Classification of Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenders and violent sexual offenders are required to register. Sexual offenders are those individuals who have been convicted of a sexual offense as defined by the Texas legislature. Your attorney can review your charges and help you understand if you fall into this category. Violent sexual offenders are those who have a qualifying conviction under the statute.

As can be expected, the reporting requirements for violent sexual offenders is far more stringent than for sexual offenders without that violent classification.

Reporting Requirements

Sex offenders must register with local law enforcement where they live. For violent offenders, reporting must be done quarterly. Nonviolent offenders report annually within a few days of their birthday. For violent offenders, their registration requirements will be for life. Nonviolent offenders may be able to petition the court after ten years to cease reporting. It’s a good idea to discuss your case with a qualified attorney to help you understand the grounds for having your registration requirements removed. Every case is different.

Consequences of Failing to Report

If an offender fails to report, it can expose them to felony charges. Discuss this with your lawyer to ensure you fulfill your requirements and avoid additional charges.

The Role of Your Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one has been charged with a sexual offense, the sooner you seek sound legal advice, the better. Although your attorney cannot guarantee an acquittal or dismissal of charges, he or she can review how evidence was collected against you and the specifics of your charges. Your attorney can also negotiate with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf. A plea bargain may be an option depending on the specific facts of your case. Again, your attorney cannot promise the prosecution will agree to a lesser charge, but if there is any chance your charges can be reduced to something less than a reportable sexual offense, this is a defense area you may wish to explore.

If you have been accused or convicted of a sexual offense, it can have serious, negative consequences that can impact all aspects of your life. Speak to a skilled Nashville sex crimes lawyer who can discuss your best legal options. To schedule an appointment with the law offices of Horst Law at .