An Overview of Federal Sex Offenses

Rape By Fraud LawBoth state and federal legislation addresses sex crimes depending on the location, type and severity of the offense. While offenses under either jurisdiction carry harsh penalties, federal offenders face mandatory minimum sentences. This is similar to how drug offenses are handled; some are handled in state courts while others are overseen by the federal courts. However, federal laws also encompass bankruptcy, antitrust, banking and postal crimes, copyright offenses and other types of cases. In a few situations, a sex crime could be heard by either a state or federal court. The involved parties can choose where the case will be decided. Our Nashville sex crimes lawyer can offer suggestions on which jurisdiction might offer you the best chances for the most favorable outcome in your case.

Types of Federal Sex Offenses

Federal sex offenses can include crimes that involve juveniles such as rape, sexual abuse or assault, possession or distribution of child pornography, repeat offenders, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children, buying or selling children for sex and other related crimes.

Prosecuting Federal Sex Offenses

The penalties for sex offenses, either state or federal, can include time in prison, community supervision, court fees and fines, counseling and mandatory sex offender registration sometimes for life. The sex offender registry means that your crime follows you for years. Your personal information, a photo and a summary of the crime are posted on websites for the public to see. Anyone can access this information through a simple Internet search. You might be restricted from living in certain locations or going to some restaurants or churches.

If you serve prison time, you could be treated at a Federal Medical Center. You might be ordered to enroll in either the Sex Offender Management Program or the Sex Offender Treatment Program, two intense counseling programs that group many sex offenders together as they go through treatment. Our sex crimes lawyer in Nashville might negotiate a plea agreement on the behalf of clients in order to minimize the penalties they face.

Consequences of a Felony Conviction

If you are convicted of a federal sex offense, your reputation in the community and your career could be ruined. The requirement to register as a sex offender and the stigma associated with the charges can permanently affect your future and that of your family. You might not be able to obtain housing, a job or attend your school of choice. Our seasoned federal sex offense lawyer can discuss strategies for your defense.

The effects of charges for a sex crime can linger for years. If you are facing charges for a state or federal sex crime, call our Nashville sex crimes lawyer for help with your case. You can reach Horst Law at .