Nashville Appeals Attorney

When someone has been convicted of a crime, they have the option of petitioning a jury’s verdict through an appeals process. Appealing a verdict involves asking a higher court to review the case for any type of error in either the conviction or the sentence determined. The defendant will argue that key legal errors swayed the jury’s decision and led to a false conviction or an excessively harsh sentence. In an appeals court, those reviewing the case will examine the proceedings from the lower court, but will not consider any new evidence related to the crime at hand. An appeals case can either be dismissed, re-tried, or re-sentenced.

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Common Trial Errors

The criminal justice system is not perfect. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen that greatly alter the outcome of criminal cases and leave people with unfair convictions and sentences. Some of the most common errors that can occur in criminal trials:

  • Verdict was against the weight of evidence
  • The judge issues a search warrant without probable cause
  • The judge permits the state to introduce evidence that violates state laws of evidence
  • Sentence violates state laws and exceeds statutory maximum

No matter what error has occurred in your criminal case that led to your unfair outcome, the strong attorneys at Horst Law are prepared to represent you in your appeals case.

Contact an Appeals Attorney

If you have recently gone through a court case hearing and are considering appealing the verdict, it is of the utmost importance to have an experienced attorney on your side. Having a strong lawyer is essential when dealing with a complicated appeals case. At Horst Law, we fully understand that the criminal justice system is far from perfect and mistakes can happen. Our job is to ensure that these mistakes are corrected. Our lawyers have many years of experience helping clients through court appeals and ensuring that they are given a proper trial. If you believe there have been legal errors made in your criminal case that have left you falsely convicted or harshly punished, it is wise to have one of our strong attorneys fighting on your side. Our lawyers are prepared to guide you through this difficult time. Contact our professional legal team today by calling Horst Law.