Nashville Domestic Assault Lawyer


Dealing with criminal charges of any kind is difficult. When someone is charged with a crime, the person experiences stress as they go through the legal process and experience uncertainty about the future. As the accused, you must contend with the many possible outcomes of your case and the effects of each possibility on your future. Being accused of domestic assault can be particularly overwhelming since it necessarily involves an intimate acquaintance.
Precisely because handling such an accusation will touch on your personal life, the Nashville domestic assault attorneys at Horst Law believe that your legal representative should be discreet and understanding as well as skilled and knowledgeable. We understand that you deserve fair and unbiased legal counsel, and we are ready to fight for your rights as you cope with this turbulent, emotional time. These charges are most likely taking a toll on your personal life, but you do not have to take them on alone.

What Is Domestic Assault?

You can be charged with general assault if you are being accused of causing bodily harm to someone, causing that person to fear physical harm, or contacting an individual physically in a provocative or offensive way. Domestic assault occurs specifically within the family or household. You can be charged with domestic assault against:

  • Your spouse
  • A person related to you by blood or marriage
  • A former spouse
  • A person residing in your house in the manner of a family member
  • A person you have a child with

Assault that occurs within these relationships is particularly difficult to handle alone because of their personal connection to you. Understanding why a person is charging you with this crime is the first step to defending yourself and safeguarding your future.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with domestic assault, your case will require the legal skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Horst Law has years of experience defending individuals against criminal allegations. Contact us today to discuss your situation and start planning your next steps. You can reach us for a consultation with a discreet legal professional at (615) 403-2971.