Alternative Sentencing for DUI Charges

A DUI charge can have devastating penalties for those convicted. A conviction can lead to hefty fines, driving restrictions, and jail or prison time. Of course, the severity of the punishment depends on the offender’s criminal record, previous offenses, and the circumstances of the case, but the penalties can have great effects no matter what.

However, there is hope for individuals convicted of a DUI charge: alternative sentencing. Alternative sentences are a substitute to jail time. They aim to not only punish the DUI offender, but also to help them learn, grow, and overcome the underlying problems that led to the DUI crime initially. Alternative sentences can come in many forms, and we will explore some of the most common in this article.

Alcohol or drug rehabilitation

Sentencing an offender to rehab is common once the court determines that an underlying addiction led to the DUI crime. Jail will not help you recover from an addiction, but rehab can provide you the resources and motivation you need to get your life back. Treating your addiction also decreases the chances that you will commit the crime again. Along with rehab, there is also the option of joining Alcoholics Anonymous, or enrolling in sober living programs. These all have the same objective of helping you recover from addiction.

Weekend Jail

Weekend jail sentencing gives offenders the opportunity to serve jail sentences in increments, which allows them to continue to work and lead relatively normal lives. With this sentence, you still must serve your required amount of time, but can continue to contribute to society.

Electronic Monitoring

With electronic monitoring, offenders are subject to constant monitoring by a probation officer via equipment that pinpoints their location at every point throughout their day. While most of the time offenders must remain confined in their homes, arrangements can be made to allow them to continue working.

Work Release and Furlough

Under a work release sentence, offenders work at an approved site during the day, but return to their homes at the end of the workday. Work furlough is similar to work release. Offenders work at approved sites during the day, but return to an assigned dormitory after work.

Community Service

Community service is often combined with other sentencing. The objective of community service is to help offenders learn and develop as they serve their punishment. Community service must be performed at approved sites.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

Alternative sentencing is a great option for people who want to improve their life and continue to be a contributing member of society. There are certain qualifications the court looks at when deciding whether alternative sentencing is the right call. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney knows what qualities the court is looking for and will be able to help you build a strong case for yourself. At Horst Law, we want you to know that you do not have to face DUI charges alone. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients so they can have their lives back. Call our offices today at to discuss the details of your case.