Nashville Probation Violations Lawyer

Nashville probation violation attorneyIf you’ve been convicted of a crime, you may have been sentenced to probation. Likewise, when a criminal defendant is released from jail after serving a sentence, he or she may be subject to parole conditions as well as a period of probation. A Nashville probation violation attorney should be consulted to help you understand the terms of your probation. If you face charges of violating your probation, let your attorney discuss your options with you.

Common Terms of Probation

As your Nashville probation violation lawyer can explain, probation conditions will be tailored to an individual defendant. However, there are common conditions you may face. If the crime involved alcohol or drug abuse like a DUI, probation terms will likely include a prohibition on consuming drugs or alcohol. You may also have to submit to random drug testing. Probationees are often required to report regularly to their probation officers. There may be a geographic restriction prohibiting you from leaving the state or the county where you were convicted. If your crime involved a victim, it’s common that you’ll be required to stay away from that person. Prohibition against having firearms or associating with known criminals are also common conditions.

The Consequences of Violating Probation

As your Nashville probation violation lawyer can explain, the consequences of violating probation can be severe. Probation is an alternative to jail or prison time. It’s quite common for a suspended jail sentence to accompany probation terms. What this means is, if you are caught violating even one term of your probation, you may be arrested and incarcerated for the full term of your sentence. Subsequent violations make the situation exponentially worse. In any event, contact an attorney as soon as possible if you have reason to believe you will be charged with a violation.

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Contact a Nashville Probation Violation Attorney

Speak to a skilled Nashville probation violation attorney regarding the terms of your probation. It’s critical that you understand exactly what’s expected of you so you can avoid facing a probation violation. To schedule an appointment with Horst Law, call .