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The state of Tennessee considers indecent exposure a sex crime and classifies such crimes under two categories. The most common type of indecent exposure occurs when a person intentionally exposes their genitals or buttocks to another individual or engages in sexual contact while expecting the act to be viewed by people. The second classification of indecent exposure refers to a situation in which someone knowingly invites a child into a residence for purposes of sexual gratification by intentionally exposing their genitals or buttocks. For indecent exposure laws to come into effect, the incident must occur either in a public setting, on the private property of a non-participant, or in a place that is clearly visible from private premises.

Indecent exposure charges can have serious and long-lasting effects on a person’s life. An indecent exposure conviction can be damaging to an individual’s personal relationships, as well as current and future professional opportunities. If you are facing indecent exposure charges, the attorneys at Horst Law are here to help you. Because these cases involve questions of intent and expectation, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help guide you through what may be a complicated legal process. Our legal team is prepared to create a strategy specific to you and your case in order to best protect and defend your rights. Contact our offices today by calling .

Indecent Exposure Penalties

The state of Tennessee does not take indecent exposure charges lightly. This type of crime can result in a range a penalties varying in severity depending on the ages of those involved and whether or not the offender has been charged with indecent exposure in the past. For a first time offender, the penalties are likely to include:

  • Class B misdemeanor charge
  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • A fine of up to $500

These charges may be elevated to either a Class A or a Class E misdemeanor for a repeat offense or in the case that the victim is under 13 years of age. No matter what penalties you are facing, Horst Law is here to help you.

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