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nashville sex crimes attorneyTennessee, like many states, has established a set of Draconian laws to supervise those convicted of sex crimes. Any crime that could be even conceivably said to be of a sexual nature will, upon conviction, require registering as a sex offender. To combat such charges, you need an experienced Nashville sex crimes attorney who knows how to fight these charges, or who can reach a resolution that will not involve a registration requirement at all. If you are forced to register as a sex offender, you will be subjected to numerous restrictions.


Those required to register are required to report a large amount of personal information to special state officers at a minimum of once a year. For violent offenders, this is at a higher level of four times a year.

Housing Restrictions: Effectively, Exile

Perhaps the most onerous restriction placed upon sex offenders is the requirement to maintain their residence 1,000 feet from any park, school, and child care facility. This effectively exiles offenders from many heavily populated areas. Further, this is not an empty formality. Officers are required to run through their list of assigned offenders and verify their addresses on a regular basis. Navigating these housing rules requires a Nashville sex crimes lawyer.

Some offenders attempt to tell officers that they are homeless in hopes of hiding where they are truly residing.  While tempting, such an act, if discovered, would lead to almost certain conviction for a new offense.

Public Display of Personal Information

If you are registered as a sex offender, the State will maintain in a public Internet database your name, address, employer, criminal history, and a litany of other personal information which can be republished in any form by anyone for any purpose. At that point, you can say good-bye to privacy and rehabilitation.

Minimum Length of Term

Except in the rare case of an expungement of one’s criminal record, a sex offense conviction will require registration for a minimum period of ten years more than the termination of all active supervision or incarceration.

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