Nashville Identity Theft Attorney

In our increasingly public world, privacy is a primary concern. It makes sense that many people are particularly concerned about protecting their identity. The Federal Trade Commission responded to 47% more identity theft claims in 2015 than in the previous year, meaning the number of identity theft charges has also increased. An identity theft charge can have a devastating impact on your life and hurt your own credibility and reputation.

Horst Law is ready to help you fight an identity theft charge. With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Brent Horst is prepared to help you understand your rights and the necessary action you should take moving forward. He is committed to protecting you against these accusations and will do his best to remove the charge and reduce the penalties you are facing.

Penalties for Identity Theft

Identity theft is defined as intentionally obtaining personal information of another person without that individual’s consent. This information may be used to obtain goods, services, medical records, or other sensitive documents. Whether this information is acquired for personal use, sold, or traded, it is considered identity theft. The charge for identity theft carries significant consequences that vary from state to state. The penalties for the state of Tennessee include:

  • Class D felony
  • Up to 12 years in prison
  • Up to a $5,000 fine
  • Seizure of any property or income acquired through the identity
  • Forfeit of any lawful claim to property, information, or other benefits of the other individual
  • Repayment to the victim of losses and interest on losses

These penalties are possible for any amount or kind of information that is unlawfully acquired, and penalties can increase if you have prior offenses. An identity theft charge can greatly affect your life if you do not take action. A qualified attorney can help you assess your options and build your defense.

Contact a Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of identity theft or another white collar crime, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible in order to determine the course of action you should take. This charge could greatly affect your future, but you may be able to avoid these consequences with the help of an attorney. Brent Horst at Horst Law is ready to answer your questions and concerns about identity theft and can discuss your specific case. Contact him at today.