How Do I Post Bail?

How do I post bail? | Horst Law | (615) 259-9867

Alright. So you’ve been arrested, and you want to get out of jail. “How do I do that?” Well, you post bond. Now, there are two basic ways, well, maybe three basic ways, to post bond. First of all, is…

Before one can post bail, the bail amount first needs to be set. For common crimes, bail is typically set within the same day of the arrest. However, police have the option to have a judge set the bail amount, which can take up to five days. Once the amount is set, the payer of the bail has several options in which to make the payment. Cash, check, using property as collateral, or bail bonds are all accepted methods of payment. Bail bonds can be purchased from bondsman and typically cost only 10% of the bail amount. However, bail bonds can end up becoming more costly than paying bail if the arrested person fails to appear in court. Cities only use bail as a tool to ensure an individual will appear in court. Bail is refunded back to the payer once the arrested person appears in court.