• Board Certified - There are over 26,000 Lawyers in Tennessee, less than 1% are Board Certified in Criminal Law.
  • Former Prosecutor - Knows how prosecutors evaluate cases and uses that knowledge to fight for his clients.
  • 25+ Years of Experience - More than 200 criminal jury trials, with results that speak for themselves.

Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Simply being accused of a crime can change your life. The penalties of a conviction can haunt you for years after you’ve served your sentence and may affect what kinds of jobs you’re able to obtain and even where you’re allowed to live. However, it’s important to remember that an accusation is just that: an accusation. You still have a real chance to defend your rights and protect your future from the challenges that would come with a conviction.

Nashville criminal defense lawyer Brent Horst has been practicing law for more than 25 years. At Horst Law, our Nashville criminal defense attorneys have experience helping criminal suspects defeat their charges or receive reduced sentences. If you have been accused of a crime, do not speak to the police without the assistance of a lawyer. Call Horst Law at (615) 403-2971 as soon as you are able.

  • “Thank you for your calm, cool, steady professionalism in representing my son. We can finally breathe again.”
  • - T.N.,
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A Proven Record of Successfully Defending Cases

Horst Law has more than 25 years of experience defending clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges. We understand the heavy, sometimes lifelong, consequences of being convicted of a crime and make every effort to fight the accusations faced by our clients. Our Nashville criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you if you are having trouble with any of the following:

  • More Than 200 Criminal Jury Trials
  • Charge: Conspiracy to sell 300 pounds or more of Marijuana
  • Facing: 15-25 years, not eligible for probation
  • Result: Granted diversion, no jail, no conviction, case dismissed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have many questions about the sudden challenges and looming consequences that come with being accused of a crime. Horst Law has experience answering these questions in a way that is straightforward and informative. We have compiled a list of some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

  1. What are mandatory minimum sentences?
  2. Will I lose my license if I am convicted of a DUI?
  3. What is alleged with drug conspiracy charges?
  4. What is the difference between simple possession and possession with intent?
  5. Can my drug charges be prosecuted in federal court?
  6. I’ve been charged with a crime. Now what?
  7. How do I post bail?
  8. What does it mean to be certified by The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification Board?
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I am Proud to be a Tennessee Criminal Defense Attorney

As a former prosecutor, I know exactly how the case against you is likely to develop. I have used this experience with great success to try more than 200 criminal jury trials. No two cases are the same. The specifics and circumstances of your accusation will be totally unique. As such, you will need an attorney who is able to piece together the right case for those circumstances to achieve the best possible result, be that a not guilty verdict or a more lenient sentence.

Criminal law is complex and establishing a solid, usable line of defense can be challenging. I am proud to defend the rights and liberties of individuals who have been accused of crimes. Let me put my experience to work for you. Call Horst Law at (615) 403-2971 today to learn more about how I may be able to help you defend your freedom.