“Brent Horst has been a true blessing for our family in a time of confusion and emotional upheaval. Our son needed the best counsel we could find to defend him against false allegations. Brent has proven to be a strong, confident and truly knowledgeable attorney. He handles himself with ease in the courtroom and exhibits a cool and calculating demeanor when dealing with a challenging situation. I likened him to a modern day “Clarence Darrow” type after watching him in action defending our son. He is a no nonsense, deliberate, honest and strong presence to have on your side. Having him represent our son made all of us feel we had chosen the best attorney. Each time we have been to court, there has been a favorable outcome, he has been able to methodically turn the tables in our son’s favor. I am confident Brent will win the day for our son and our whole family. Thanks Brent, for everything.”