Hey Brent, its Garrett. i never got a chance to tell you thank you. so thank you for everything and for believing in me. we had a long battle your the best damn attorney I’ve ever seen fight. ”my client my fight” is absolutely your motto that is well earned and well fought for. Brent thank you seriously for everything we all need more freedom fighters like you.. sincerely Garrett.

T.C. 2

“It was a pleasant, open and honest experience with the attorney, paralegal and office staff.”


“Brent helped my husband out on a pretty difficult and lengthy court battle that we’ve been dealing with over a year now. He was very urgent to get to the point and help us settle the case to our likings. He’s very knowledgeable and gets down to business! Highly recommended!”


“Out of all the attorneys I contacted telling them about my case, Mr. Horst was the only that sincerely said ‘Hey it’s going to be alright.’ With what I was going through, those words gave me comfort alone. He fought hard for me, he gave great advice and was very honest. He even payed a portion of my court fees I couldn’t afford and told me not to worry about paying him back. He helped me so much, not even sure he knows how much. I would recommend him to anyone.”


“I am so very grateful to Brent for all the knowledge, hard work, and dedication he applied to my case. I have developed a profound respect for Brent and like him as a person. I know now that it was a stroke of good fortune that I found him through this modern marvel called the internet. Reading all the treatises and other information he had posted there persuaded me that he was the right person for my case. Throughout my ordeal I had unfailing confidence in his ability as a man and as an attorney to defend my innocence in court, and the resulted was an outcome as near perfect as possible to a jury’s not guilty verdict.”

J.D. 2

“I feel blessed to have you in my corner! Thank you for all you have done . . .”


“Dear Brent,
I just wanted to tell you thank you for what you did for my family. You will never know how much I am indebted to you. Words can not express the appreciation I feel and thank you does not seem to be enough but please know that I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“I am very grateful for your efforts to help my son . . . you don’t know how much you have helped me . . . , just to know that you are on the case relieves a lot of stress from me.”

S.D. 2

“You worked as hard as you could and made sure that I got the outcome in this case that I wanted. You listened to me and did your best. I would recommend you to anyone with great confidence that you will do the same for them.”


“Mr. Horst, when I needed a lawyer I spoke with my father who is an attorney. He told me you were a great trial lawyer. Having seen how you handled my case, I now know why he said that. Thank you for all you have done.”