“My situation is one of every step-father’s worst nightmares. In reality, one phone call from DCS can change your life, but I never thought I would be on the receiving end. In an instant, I was faced with defending my life against appalling false allegations and proving my innocence to everyone that I know and that I do not know. As the child that I had raised as my own turned against me and the life that I lived I felt was over, I began to research attorney’s willing and highly qualified to fight DCS and a small town police department. Brent came highly recommended through the attorney’s at work and his references gave glowing reviews. I made the decision to place my life in his hands. He was faced with many obstacles put into place by the state, even though I was never formally charged with a crime, he persevered and came out victorious in civil court . Brent is an exceptional man and attorney, and I am thankful everyday that I had him on my side. For what Mr. Brent Horst did for me and him being on my side, Brent gave me my life back and in comparison there was no price that was too great. Brent, “Thank you for everything”.”