New Video FAQ: Can the police search my car without a warrant?

In a new video FAQ, Nashville criminal defense attorney Brent Horst discusses when a police officer can and cannot search your car.

Generally, police cannot search your car without a warrant, but there are exceptions to this rule. First, if you consent to letting them search, they do not need a warrant and are free to take a look. They will be able to use any incriminating objects they find against you.

The other way police can search your vehicle without a warrant is by using what is referred to as “probable cause.” This means the police officer felt they had a sufficient reason to believe there was some criminal activity happening in the car. Most commonly, they cite the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle as a probable cause to search that vehicle.

You can watch the video here.

If you feel as though your vehicle may have been unlawfully searched or if you are facing criminal charges, contact Nashville criminal defense law firm Horst Law to learn more about your rights.