Firefighter facing rape charges in Nashville

Several charges were recently filed against a veteran Nashville firefighter due to allegations that he physically abused his wife, an article of News 2 reported on October 5.

Reports said charges related to domestic violence and attempted rape were filed against Burnice Gipson after he was arrested on October 3. Gipson, who was a member of the Nashville Fire Department for 15 years and currently a member of a fire station in West Meade, was accused of the crimes by his estranged spouse. Documents revealed that Gipson initially was arguing with the woman. The victim, whose name was not released, made a voice recording of the incident. Gipson stopped attacking his spouse after their two kids, 13 and 16, showed up and asked him to leave. Gipson, on the other hand, denied the charges filed against him. A $45,000 bond was set on Gipson and he is no longer allowed to get in touch with his former wife.

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