Suspected robber busted in Nashville

Authorities in Nashville recently apprehended a suspect they believe was responsible for a series of robberies, an article of Fox 17 reported on December 8.

Information coming from police revealed 33-year-old Jonathan Rigsby was arrested on December 5 during a traffic stop after an officer noticed his vehicle had a busted brake light. After the officer ordered the driver and his two passengers to exit the vehicle, he noticed Rigsby had a driver’s license that was not his own. Rather, the license belonged to a female who was one of the three robbery victims of the previous day. The woman, whose name was withheld, had her purse snatched by an unidentified man. Additional information revealed several robberies from that day were performed by the same person. Rigsby was taken into custody after authorities returned the license to its owner.

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Teens facing charges after deadly Tennessee wildfires

Charges were recently filed against two teenagers in Sevier County, Tennessee on the suspicion that they sparked the wildfires that resulted in 14 fatalities and caused injuries to hundreds of people, an article of USA Today reported on December 7.

According to the attorney general, Jimmy Dunn, the two teenagers are scheduled for a juvenile court trial and are facing aggravated arson charges. The teenagers are being linked to the fatal fire in Gatlinburg last week that ravaged over 1,700 houses and business establishments. Reports also revealed that approximately 150 people sustained injuries from the fire. The two teens are currently being held in custody after Sevier County authorities arrested them. The arrests were made after investigations concluded that the fire sparked on the Chimney Tops trail was caused by humans.

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2 suspected arsonists suspected of causing wildfires in Tennessee

State authorities in Tennessee took two people into custody whom they suspect intentionally ignited wildfires in Monroe and Sequatchie counties, an article of WVLT reported on November 15.

According to reports, 27-year-old Matthew Ryan Wallace and 50-year-old Charles Edward Martin were charged accordingly for igniting a private property that resulted in a wildfire. The two suspects were arrested by the criminal unit investigators of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture on November 14. If found guilty, Wallace could serve a prison term of up to six years, along with having to pay a 3,000 dollar fine. In the efforts Tennessee is making in preventing wildfires, people are offered up to $2,500 in compensation for giving authorities tips about arson suspects.

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2 people facing drug charges after arrest in Nashville

Charges related to illegal drugs and child endangerment were recently filed against two people in the Metro-Nashville area after law enforcement officers arrested them in their home, a report of WKRN reported on November 3.

After a search warrant was served at a house on Winn Avenue on November 2, police apprehended Jeremy Tidwell, 37, and Amanda Stransberry, 36. The two were taken into custody after illegal drugs, marijuana paraphernalia, and marijuana residue were found in their possession. Based on the drugs recovered, authorities suspected they had the intent to distribute it. Police also rescued two minors, including a 1-year-old baby. Reports revealed Tidwell had a previous conviction; it was not confirmed if the two adults were related to the two children inside the house.

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Nashville gang member suspected of drug dealing arrested

A member of the “Blood Gang” in Nashville was recently arrested by authorities on the suspicion he was dealing illegal drugs, an article of Fox 17 reported on October 29.

Police apprehended Gary Stewart, 27, on October 26 in the Opry Mills Mall parking lot after hearing thata heroin deal would take place in the area. Authorities identified themselves after seeing Stewart engaging in what they described as a drug deal. Stewart, who attempted to escape arresting officers on foot, was still arrested and various amounts of controlled substances and a loaded firearm were seized from his vehicle. Multiple charges related to drugs, firearms, and escaping arrest were later filed against Stewart.

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Firefighter facing rape charges in Nashville

Several charges were recently filed against a veteran Nashville firefighter due to allegations that he physically abused his wife, an article of News 2 reported on October 5.

Reports said charges related to domestic violence and attempted rape were filed against Burnice Gipson after he was arrested on October 3. Gipson, who was a member of the Nashville Fire Department for 15 years and currently a member of a fire station in West Meade, was accused of the crimes by his estranged spouse. Documents revealed that Gipson initially was arguing with the woman. The victim, whose name was not released, made a voice recording of the incident. Gipson stopped attacking his spouse after their two kids, 13 and 16, showed up and asked him to leave. Gipson, on the other hand, denied the charges filed against him. A $45,000 bond was set on Gipson and he is no longer allowed to get in touch with his former wife.

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Man facing several charges including rape in Nashville

A man in the Nashville area was recently apprehended by authorities after he committed several crimes, including rape, an article of The Tennessean reported on September 28.

Reports said police arrested 26-year-old Dennis Naptali Ramos-Montes after a woman he sexually assaulted positively identified him. The woman claimed she was sexually attacked by Ramos-Montes in August at a park while working as a nanny. The victim, identified as an 18-year-old, was able to identify the photo of Ramos-Montes shown to her by Detective Chuck Fleming. Evidence against the suspect became stronger after authorities received his DNA results. The suspect, who is currently in jail, is also facing domestic violence and felony theft charges.

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NFL player accused of driving while intoxicated in Florida

Florida authorities recently accused a professional football player of driving a vehicle while under the influence after a traffic incident, a report of stated on September 23.

According to reports, Austin Seferian-Jenkins was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol personnel on September 21 after they observed him driving with excessive speed. The tight end player reportedly had an estimated speed of 75 to 80 mph before he was stopped. Seferian-Jenkins was transported to Orient Road Jail, and he was later waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. State authorities say the player was also arrested in 2013 regarding a DUI. Seferian-Jenkins did not have an interlocking device installed in his vehicle at the time of his most recent arrest, which was a requirement of his former DUI arrest.

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Police officer in Tennessee facing domestic assault charges

A domestic assault charge was recently filed against a Brownsville police officer following an investigation leading to his arrest, a report of WBBJ 7 reported on September 14.

Reports said 29-year-old police officer Adrian Perkins was booked on September 13 at Haywood County Jail on allegations of domestic violence. Documents revealed that Perkins punched his girlfriend in the face. The woman, whose name was withheld, sustained an injury after the abuse. Authorities apprehended Perkins after notifying the District Attorney to conduct an investigation. As of reporting, Perkins was released from custody after posting bond worth $2,500 and was placed on administrative leave with pay. He is expected to appear in court on October 25.

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DUI among charges filed against arrested driver in Tennessee

Numerous charges, including driving while under the influence (DUI), were filed against a man whom authorities apprehended in a recent car chase in La Vergne, Tennessee, an article of News Channel 5 reported on August 21.

According to reports, Carlos Isaula, 20, is facing several counts of felony charges related to drugs, evading arrest, and theft for seizing more than $10,000. Authorities reportedly pursued Isaula after suspecting that a burglary took place on Easy Street. Isaula then engaged authorities in a car chase for several minutes until he crashed the vehicle he was driving on Cane Ridge Road. A K9 personnel assisted authorities in pursuing Isaula. Arresting officers recovered illegal drugs and an open container of alcohol inside Isaula’s vehicle. Furthermore, authorities believe the vehicle was stolen in Williamson County.

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