Firefighter facing rape charges in Nashville

Several charges were recently filed against a veteran Nashville firefighter due to allegations that he physically abused his wife, an article of News 2 reported on October 5.

Reports said charges related to domestic violence and attempted rape were filed against Burnice Gipson after he was arrested on October 3. Gipson, who was a member of the Nashville Fire Department for 15 years and currently a member of a fire station in West Meade, was accused of the crimes by his estranged spouse. Documents revealed that Gipson initially was arguing with the woman. The victim, whose name was not released, made a voice recording of the incident. Gipson stopped attacking his spouse after their two kids, 13 and 16, showed up and asked him to leave. Gipson, on the other hand, denied the charges filed against him. A $45,000 bond was set on Gipson and he is no longer allowed to get in touch with his former wife.

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Police officer in Tennessee facing domestic assault charges

A domestic assault charge was recently filed against a Brownsville police officer following an investigation leading to his arrest, a report of WBBJ 7 reported on September 14.

Reports said 29-year-old police officer Adrian Perkins was booked on September 13 at Haywood County Jail on allegations of domestic violence. Documents revealed that Perkins punched his girlfriend in the face. The woman, whose name was withheld, sustained an injury after the abuse. Authorities apprehended Perkins after notifying the District Attorney to conduct an investigation. As of reporting, Perkins was released from custody after posting bond worth $2,500 and was placed on administrative leave with pay. He is expected to appear in court on October 25.

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Factors that Aggravate a Domestic Violence Case

Domestic violence is defined as a form of assault within members of a household. Therefore, domestic violence can occur between people who are relatives, dating, ex-spouses, or even parent to child abuse. There are two main types of assault that Tennessee prosecutes, simple assault and aggravated assault. Being charged with either forms is an extremely serious circumstance, and it is important to know exactly what consequences are at stake in your case.

Aggravating Factors

An aggravated assault is a more serious and harmful version of a simple assault. Both simple and aggravated domestic assault are a knowing action to harm someone in their household, but are very different in specifics. There are stricter penalties and usually harsher consequences for those who are convicted of aggravated assault. The factors that distinguish an aggravated assault case from a simple one include:

  • Presence of a deadly weapon
  • Severity of injury
  • Criminal Record
  • Degree of offensiveness of the action

It takes a skill to identify the nature of a domestic violence case, and both require the help of a experienced attorney. What is considered reckless, seriously bodily injury, and a deadly weapon, can all be clarified by a lawyer that can guide those involved through the process of building a strategy in court.

State/Federal Penalties

Aggravated assault in Tennessee is a felony, while simple assaults are classified as a misdemeanor. In simple assault cases, defendants can be charged with up to 11 months and 29 days in jail with a fine of up to $2,500. In addition to this, law enforcement is legally allowed to posses all weapons involved in the assault and a protection order can be filed against those charged. Conversely, a felony charge can cause the alleged attacker 3-15 years in prison with a fine of up to $10,000.

False Allegations

Unfortunately, many individuals can be wrongly victimized in a domestic violence case or have a situation be overemphasized for the plaintiff’s financial benefit. In the case where false allegations for domestic assault were successfully proven, then the winning party can be compensated for their attorney payments, and other financial damages. Is is important that those charged with domestic assault do all they can to boost their credibility and hire a skilled attorney to help do so.

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