New Video FAQ: Can I go to jail for spanking my child?

In a new video posted on his site, Nashville criminal defense attorney Brent Horst discusses the legalities of spanking your children.

In the video, titled Can I go to jail for spanking my children, Brent Horst outlines how it’s not illegal in most states to discipline your children through spanking, should you choose to employ that method.

The caveat here is that if you leave any physical sign, such as a bruise or red mark, it can be seen as an injury to the child.

Sometimes, there is a thin line between a punishment that will and will not leave a mark on your child. If you are being accused of domestic violence or child abuse, it might simply be a disciplinary misunderstanding. The Nashville defense attorneys of Horst Law understand how these kinds of accusations can arise and can help you defend yourself. Call us at to learn more.