Second Degree Murder

Charge: Second Degree Murder
Facing: 15-25 years prison mandatory term
Result: Negotiated Plea to Reckless Homicide with 4 years of diversion.  Meaning after 4 years of probation the case will be dismissed and expunged and client will serve no jail time and have no criminal record.

Aggravated Child Abuse

Charge: Aggravated Child Abuse
Facing: 8-12 years at 100% no probation no parole.
Result: After jury trial client convicted of misdemeanor child abuse maximum sentence is one year and will likely receive probation.

Domestic Assault

Charge: Domestic Assault
Facing: 1 year, loss of right to own / possess a firearm
Result: Dismissed prior to trial


Charge: Assault
Result: Not Guilty Verdict after jury trial

Murder, first degree

Charge: Murder, first degree
Facing: life in prison
Result: Negotiated Plea to Voluntary manslaughter, three years jail, 2 years probation.

Agg Robbery

Charge: Agg Robbery
facing: 30 years
Result: Not guilty verdict after trial

Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault

Charge: Kidnapping, Aggravated Assault.
facing: 12 years.
Result: Dismissed after preliminary hearing.

2 counts assault against police officer.

Charge: 2 counts assault against police officer.
facing: two years jail.
Result: Not guilty after trial.