“I was faced with two serious criminal offenses that could have landed me in prison for twenty four years, and what was even worse; the police department had accused the wrong person. Mr. Horst gave me confidence by being understanding, and working hard and by going the extra mile and by obtaining acquittals in both trials. Thanks Attorney Horst, you saved my life.”


“When I was arrested I knew that it was a set up by the police and that they had illegally targeted me to stop my vehicle. Not only did you believe in me but you tore those cops apart in court. Thanks for getting my case dismissed.”


“Brent, Thank you so much for helping me with my case. I thought I was in SO much trouble but you took care of everything and were just awesome in court! Thanks for not only doing your job well but thanks for also caring about what happened to me. I am truly grateful.”


“I hired the law office of Brent Horst to represent me in a case that I knew would be a difficult one at best. I was very pleased with the knowledge and professionalism that was displayed by Brent during the entire process. When it was necessary to meet to discuss my case, he was willing to accommodate my schedule. He was also there for me to personally take my phone calls or promptly returned any messages that I left for him. Brent went far beyond what I would have expected to keep me updated on the details of my case. On the morning of my trial date, I wasn’t very optimistic in the justice system, because I knew it would be difficult to persuade 12 jurors and prevail. However, Brent was awesome in the courtroom and handled very smoothly every aspect of the case. Needless to say that we came out victorious and won the case! Thank you, Brent!”


“When I met Brent Horst I knew from the beginning that this would be the person I would choose to defend me. Mr. Horst fully listened to my situation and stated that although it looked next to impossible to win the case that we would fight it. By fighting the case Mr. Horst helped me to receive a much more favorable decision than if I would have just plead guilty. He helped me to obtain hope for my future.”


“My story is unbelievable . . .at least to me. I looked up one day, at work, and was arrested for this unspeakable act. My family and I looked up Brent . . . That was the best move we ever made. Brent took my case, and importantly, believed in me. He is incredibly effective in and out of the courtroom. He was a true Godsend for my family and me.”


“My situation is one of every step-father’s worst nightmares. In reality, one phone call from DCS can change your life, but I never thought I would be on the receiving end. In an instant, I was faced with defending my life against appalling false allegations and proving my innocence to everyone that I know and that I do not know. As the child that I had raised as my own turned against me and the life that I lived I felt was over, I began to research attorney’s willing and highly qualified to fight DCS and a small town police department. Brent came highly recommended through the attorney’s at work and his references gave glowing reviews. I made the decision to place my life in his hands. He was faced with many obstacles put into place by the state, even though I was never formally charged with a crime, he persevered and came out victorious in civil court . Brent is an exceptional man and attorney, and I am thankful everyday that I had him on my side. For what Mr. Brent Horst did for me and him being on my side, Brent gave me my life back and in comparison there was no price that was too great. Brent, “Thank you for everything”.”


“Brent, your expertise and guidance were quite reassuring. Thank you for your compassion.”


“I have had many bad experiences with attorneys, so after I was accused of the worst kind of crime imaginable, I started searching for an attorney I could trust. I had never heard of Mr. Horst before I found him on the internet. After I called him and told him my situation, I felt like he was the one to clear my name and get to the truth. I had my whole life turned upside down. I not only needed a great lawyer but I felt I had to have a lawyer who believed I was innocent. I got both with Mr. Horst. I KNOW HE HAD OTHER CASES BESIDES MINE BUT HE MADE ME FEEL LIKE I WAS HIS ONLY CASE. Brent, thank you so much for everything you did for me. You got my life back!”


“Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You have taken my case that appeared hopeless and gave me back hope . . . I know I am in capable hands. My decision to hire you has to be the best decision I have ever made. Thank you.”