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Whether or not you have a previous criminal history, cocaine-related charges can be devastating on your record and your life. The United States justice system rigorously prosecutes drug crimes and frequently passes down harsh sentences to offenders.

Cocaine is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act and comes in many forms. The drug is also highly addictive, in accordance with the Schedule II classification. The effect a cocaine-related charge has on your life varies depending on the specific charge and quality of your legal representation. The adept Nashville cocaine lawyers at Horst Law have decades of combined experience fighting for the defendant’s rights. Do not walk into court unprepared or unrepresented.

Consequences of a cocaine-related charge

It is essential that one acquires legal assistance as soon as possible, considering the variety of charges stemming from a cocaine-related arrest. Factors, such as prior convictions, exacerbate the potential consequences. Your physical, and financial, well-being is at stake when facing these charges and they should be treated with an appropriate level of urgency. Legal consequences can be grave and include a possible:

  • Class A Misdemeanor for simple possession
  • Class E Felony for simple possession (with prior convictions)
  • Class C Felony for sale of fewer than .5 grams
  • Class B Felony for sale of more than .5 grams
  • Class B Felony for sale of more than 26 grams
  • Class A Felony for sale of more than 300 grams

The ramifications of even the lightest cocaine-related charge can be extremely severe. A Class A misdemeanor may only result in a fine or small amount of jail time, but this is not true for felonies. The lowest felony charge, a class E, immediately raises the stakes to several years in prison and hefty fines. Regardless of your guilt, there is potential for a light sentence if this is your first offense or the police violated your rights. Fighting for these light sentences is a job for a cocaine attorney.

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Both prosecutors and police frequently seek to make an example out of those charged with a cocaine-related offense. To avoid being taken advantage of by overly ambitious police and their predatory tactics, call us today at for a free consultation. At Horst Law we understand that people make mistakes, and everyone deserves top-notch legal representation. Let our experienced attorney, Brent Horst, guide you through this stressful time.