Nashville Drug Crimes Attorney

Drug crimes charges can attach to a variety of different activities, from simple possession, to intent to sell, to manufacture and distribution. If you’re facing such charges, a Nashville drug crimes attorney can explore your options with you and help you understand how to present a defense.

Elements and Penalties for Drug Crimes in Tennessee

Common charges relating to drug crimes include:

  • Possession
  • Intent to Distribute
  • Trafficking
  • Manufacture
  • Prescription Forgery

As your Nashville drug crimes attorney can explain, the severity of the charge depends on the type and quantity involved. For example, possession or intent to distribute Schedule I drugs like opiates (heroine) can carry a stiffer penalty and can rise to the level of a felony, even for a first time offender. Additionally, if a person is charged with possession or intent to distribute near a school, this can trigger much more serious consequences.

Additionally, there may be federal penalties if an alleged perpetrator crossed state lines with an amount of drug indicative of an intent to distribute or sell. Federal penalties are generally much more serious with mandatory minimums.

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Types of Drug Crimes

Drug charges can come from a variety of substances. Being in possession of drugs, sometimes referred to as controlled substances, can carry harsh penalties. Being accused of using, distributing, or manufacturing a controlled substance can result in drug crime accusations and subject you to these often unfair punishments. Your freedom may hinge on your ability to fight the criminal allegations against you. At Horst Law, we have vast knowledge helping individuals through issues involving:

If you are facing drug crimes accusations, you will need the aid of an experienced Nashville drug crimes defense lawyer.

Options You May Have for Building a Defense

When you meet with a Nashville drug crimes lawyer, he will conduct a detailed interview to glean information about the case against you. One of the first lines of inquiry may center on the way evidence was collected. If the police failed to safeguard your constitutional rights, this can form the basis for a motion to suppress. If evidence is lacking on even one element of the crime charged, this can be a powerful, if not absolute, defense. No two cases are alike, but experienced legal counsel is a must.

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Contact a Nashville drug crimes attorney

Because every case is different, a Nashville drug crimes lawyer cannot guarantee a dismissal or acquittal of charges. However, at the offices of Horst Law, you can benefit from seasoned counsel that will explore potential options you have available to you under your specific circumstances. Call to set up an appointment and learn more about what we can do to help you through this challenging time.