Nashville violent crimes attorney

Nashville Violent Crimes Attorney

As a Nashville violent crimes attorney can counsel, Tennessee categorizes violent crimes in a variety of ways. Depending on whether the crime involved a loved one and the severity of it, a defendant charged with a violent crime faces different consequences.

Simple Assault

At its most basic level, a simple assault involves the harmful touching of another individual or causing them fear of imminent bodily harm. As a Nashville violent crimes lawyer can explain, Tennessee law looks at the circumstances surrounding the incident to further categorize assault as a domestic violence crime or perhaps even an aggravated crime.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assaults involve a person the alleged perpetrator has a certain type of relationship. It could be a spouse, a dating partner, someone they live with, or someone with whom they have a child in common, for example.

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assault may be an enhanced charge a criminal defendant faces if the assault involved the use of a deadly weapon or strangulation. Even without a deadly weapon, if the perpetrator caused serious bodily harm, the charge could rise to the level of aggravated.


Murder is a crime that is defined as the unlawful killing of another human being. There are many different classifications of murder and homicide that vary in degree of culpability and severity of punishment.

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Consequences if Convicted of a Violent Crime

Simple assault carries the least penalty of all the types listed above. It is generally a class A or B misdemeanor where the potential jail time or court time is less. Aggravated assault can expose the defendant to felony charges with much longer potential jail time and fines. Regardless of the charges filed, the prosecution must prove every element of the crime in order for a successful conviction. A Nashville violent crimes attorney can review the evidence, how it was collected to probe for weaknesses. Your attorney can also explore whether a plea bargain is an option and fully advise you of the consequences.

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