NFL player accused of driving while intoxicated in Florida

Florida authorities recently accused a professional football player of driving a vehicle while under the influence after a traffic incident, a report of stated on September 23.

According to reports, Austin Seferian-Jenkins was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol personnel on September 21 after they observed him driving with excessive speed. The tight end player reportedly had an estimated speed of 75 to 80 mph before he was stopped. Seferian-Jenkins was transported to Orient Road Jail, and he was later waived by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. State authorities say the player was also arrested in 2013 regarding a DUI. Seferian-Jenkins did not have an interlocking device installed in his vehicle at the time of his most recent arrest, which was a requirement of his former DUI arrest.

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DUI among charges filed against arrested driver in Tennessee

Numerous charges, including driving while under the influence (DUI), were filed against a man whom authorities apprehended in a recent car chase in La Vergne, Tennessee, an article of News Channel 5 reported on August 21.

According to reports, Carlos Isaula, 20, is facing several counts of felony charges related to drugs, evading arrest, and theft for seizing more than $10,000. Authorities reportedly pursued Isaula after suspecting that a burglary took place on Easy Street. Isaula then engaged authorities in a car chase for several minutes until he crashed the vehicle he was driving on Cane Ridge Road. A K9 personnel assisted authorities in pursuing Isaula. Arresting officers recovered illegal drugs and an open container of alcohol inside Isaula’s vehicle. Furthermore, authorities believe the vehicle was stolen in Williamson County.

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