Video FAQ: “What is sexting, and is it a crime?”

Nashville criminal defense lawyer Brent Horst discusses the rising trend of “sexting” and explains how it is viewed by the U.S. justice system. Watch the video, and make sure to contact us immediately if you have been charged with a crime and need legal help. The new video FAQ can be viewed on the page or watch it below:

We hear a lot about sexting these days. Sexting, of course, is using a person’s cell phone, whether it’s text messaging or it may be Snapchat or something like that, to send sexual images or sexual conversations. Now of course between adults that’s consenting behavior and that’s not illegal as long as both parties are consenting.

However, where sexting is most prevalent among teenagers it is highly illegal. Even if both individuals are teenagers, you cannot send sexual images of a person under 18. If you engage in conversation with a person of a sexual nature that is under 18, that is likely to be solicitation of a minor to engage in sexual activity.

Both of them are highly illegal, but what most teenagers and parents don’t understand is that it’s illegal even if they’re both minors. So if a 17 year old boy is sexting with his 17 year old girlfriend, he is risking criminal charges and he is risking being placed on the sex offender registry.

Derrick Rose to focus on his career after jury acquits him in rape case

Derrick Rose, a newly signed member of the New York Knicks, said on October 19 that he would concentrate on this season after he and two of his friends were acquitted of raping a woman back in 2013, a Channel 3000 article reported.

A federal jury decided to acquit the 28-year-old player and his friends Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen after the testimony the plaintiff provided was inconsistent. The victim, only identified as a 30-year-old Jane Doe, brought the $21 million civil complaint saying her former boyfriend, Hampton, and Allen raped her in a Beverly Hills mansion after spiking her drink. The woman, who is considering appealing the verdict, said she failed to notify authorities at the time because she was concerned that her family would learn what happened to her. Rose, who previously played for the Chicago Bulls, testified that “he had consensual sex” with the plaintiff.

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Man facing several charges including rape in Nashville

A man in the Nashville area was recently apprehended by authorities after he committed several crimes, including rape, an article of The Tennessean reported on September 28.

Reports said police arrested 26-year-old Dennis Naptali Ramos-Montes after a woman he sexually assaulted positively identified him. The woman claimed she was sexually attacked by Ramos-Montes in August at a park while working as a nanny. The victim, identified as an 18-year-old, was able to identify the photo of Ramos-Montes shown to her by Detective Chuck Fleming. Evidence against the suspect became stronger after authorities received his DNA results. The suspect, who is currently in jail, is also facing domestic violence and felony theft charges.

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Channel 5 News Publishes Misleading Story

Channel 5 News has published a story with the misleading headline “41 Arrested in Nashville Human Trafficking Operation.”

The headline makes it seem as though all of these people were accused of sex trafficking when, in fact, 40 of these individuals were charged with the much more mild crime of soliciting prostitution, a Class B misdemeanor. The remaining person was charged with solicitation of a minor, but the details of that case may show that officers entrapped this individual.

Attorney Brent Horst’s remarks on this story can be found on his Facebook page.

Tennessee high school teacher accused of statutory rape

A high school biology teacher in Tennessee is facing statutory rape charges due to allegations that she engaged in sexual activity with five of her students, an article of The Tennessean reported on July 28.

According to reports, 24-year-old Marquita Alston sexually assaulted five of her 17-year-old students at Pearl Cohn High School. Statutory rape charges were filed against the teacher, who has since resigned from her position. Tennessee law enforcers who are collecting evidence against Alston believe that some of the sexual acts took place on the grounds of the high school campus. Alston is now free and at large after posting a bond worth $1,000.

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