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Sixth Circuit Court Makes Decision on Sex Offender Registries

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Cincinnati, OH, has made a decision to stop the practice of retroactively applying registration mandates to sex offenders who were convicted prior to the inception of these registries. Attorney Brent Horst applauds this decision as a great step forward for freedom, as many of these mandates are considered to be unconstitutional.

For example, many people who were accused of sex crimes in the past took plea deals rather than fighting the charges in court. For them, a few years on probation was better than the risk of going to prison for years, regardless of whether or not they actually committed the crime in question. When sex offender registries were created, many of these individuals were retroactively added to them, which was not part of their plea deals. As these laws have gained strength, they have morphed into punitive measures and forced many non-violent people into the fringes of society, pushing them away from their jobs and families.

The Court’s decision is a first step towards reversing this unfair punitive action and protecting the Constitutional rights of these individuals. To learn more about it, click here.

If you have been placed on a sex offender registry retroactively, this decision may be of special interest to you. The ruling could be a way out of some of the harsh restrictions that registering as a sex offender imposes. Contact Horst Law at to speak with an attorney about your situation.

Tips for Selecting a Jury in a Defense Case

Criminal defense cases can be won or lost before they ever hit the courtroom depending on who is selected to be on the jury. Choosing jurors is part of an attorney’s job, and an experienced criminal lawyer will be able to weed out individuals who may potentially be harmful to his or her client.

Nashville criminal defense lawyer Brent Horst has been defending his clients from criminal accusations for more than 25 years. In that time, he’s developed a jury selection method that he has used to great success. In his jury selection tips, Brent describes what kind of questions to ask potential jurors, what kinds of occupations may not be sympathetic to criminal defense clients, and more.

Baseball pro Jeremy Jeffress suspected of DWI in Dallas

Texas Rangers team member Jeremy Jeffress was taken into custody in Dallas for driving a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicants (DWI).

Reports revealed that the 28-year-old baseball player was stopped by an officer after he was seen driving erratically in the 2500 block of Maple Avenue. Jeffress reportedly admitted to the officer that he consumed several cups of alcohol just moments before driving the vehicle. Jeffress, who had several signs of alcohol intoxication was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test given to him. A preliminary breathalyzer test revealed that he had a 0.115 percent BAC.

The attorneys at Horst Law understand the legal complexities involved in a DWI charge. If you are in such situation, we can offer you a strong legal defense to make sure your rights are protected. Call us today .

Shumpert suspected of DUI in Fayette County

Professional basketball player Iman Shumpert was apprehended outside Atlanta after he was suspected of driving while under the influence of marijuana, a report in the New York Post stated on September 9.

Shumpert’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, has confirmed his involvement in the traffic incident on August 10 where he was stopped by Fayette County officers. During the apprehension, authorities reportedly detected a “strong” smell inside Shumpert’s vehicle similar to that of marijuana. Shumpert, who had failed a field sobriety test later told authorities that he had smoked marijuana and several charges were filed against Shumpert after authorities also recovered less than an ounce of the drug from inside his vehicle. Due to his actions, Shumpert is also facing stiff penalties from the basketball league and from his team.

Brent Horst with Horst Law represents Nashville individuals who have been arrested due to DUI allegations. If you are in such a predicament, he may be able to offer you a strong legal defense. Learn more about your legal defense today by calling .

Tennessee law attempts to address cyberbullying problem

If you have a child that is being bullied online, you can take legal action.

Report the bullying as a crime. Tennessee has a law in place to attempt to address this problem, at least to some extent, Tennessee Code 39-17-308.

If the authorities do not take aggressive action call me at . Few things make me madder than bullying especially when its done online and in social media, a sad example of which can be found here.


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DUI among charges filed against arrested driver in Tennessee

Numerous charges, including driving while under the influence (DUI), were filed against a man whom authorities apprehended in a recent car chase in La Vergne, Tennessee, an article of News Channel 5 reported on August 21.

According to reports, Carlos Isaula, 20, is facing several counts of felony charges related to drugs, evading arrest, and theft for seizing more than $10,000. Authorities reportedly pursued Isaula after suspecting that a burglary took place on Easy Street. Isaula then engaged authorities in a car chase for several minutes until he crashed the vehicle he was driving on Cane Ridge Road. A K9 personnel assisted authorities in pursuing Isaula. Arresting officers recovered illegal drugs and an open container of alcohol inside Isaula’s vehicle. Furthermore, authorities believe the vehicle was stolen in Williamson County.

If you were arrested due to driving under the influence, working with a criminal defense attorney is an important way to help you deal with aggressive law enforcement officials. Speak with a Nashville attorney at Horst Law today by calling to learn more about your options.

Driver facing several charges after Chattanooga accident

Several charges were recently filed against a man in Chattanooga after he was involved in a two-vehicle accident that resulted in the injuries of three people, an August 14 article of wdef.com reported.

According to reports, the Tennessee Highway Patrol arrested 22-year-old Elder Lopez after he was involved in a car accident in the 2200 block of Hickory Valley Road. A complaint revealed that a vehicle containing three people was struck by Lopez’s vehicle after he failed to stop at a stop sign. Reports also revealed that Lopez went on to drive with excessive speed in the wrong lane of traffic. Authorities determined Lopez was under the influence during his apprehension. A $20,000 bail was imposed upon Lopez, who is currently facing charges of DUI, reckless endangerment, and leaving a crash scene.

Facing a DUI or any related charge can be frightening, especially if it is your first offense. However, if you are charged with such a crime, working with an attorney is a critical step in making sure that your rights as a person are protected. Get in touch with a lawyer at Horst Law in Nashville today by calling .

Channel 5 News Publishes Misleading Story

Channel 5 News has published a story with the misleading headline “41 Arrested in Nashville Human Trafficking Operation.”

The headline makes it seem as though all of these people were accused of sex trafficking when, in fact, 40 of these individuals were charged with the much more mild crime of soliciting prostitution, a Class B misdemeanor. The remaining person was charged with solicitation of a minor, but the details of that case may show that officers entrapped this individual.

Attorney Brent Horst’s remarks on this story can be found on his Facebook page.